FLIR Authorized Distributor Indonesia

About Us

We're Flir Indonesia

Welcome to FLIR Indonesia, where cutting-edge thermal imaging technology meets unparalleled innovation. As a part of the global FLIR Systems family, we are dedicated to providing advanced thermal imaging solutions that empower professionals across various industries in Indonesia.

Local Presence, Global Expertise

At FLIR Indonesia, our mission is to deliver the highest quality thermal imaging products that enable our clients to see the world in a new light. We strive to enhance safety, improve efficiency, and drive technological advancement through our state-of-the-art thermal imaging systems.


Why Choose Us?

Trustworthy Partner

With a lot of experience in this field, FLIR Indonesia has collaborated with many government agencies in the defense and military fields to meet the needs of sophisticated equipment in the field of surveillance.

Government & Industrial Solutions

We provide solutions that will help you survey facilities faster, troubleshoot failures, target the source of leaks, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Commercial & Outdoor Solutions

Brilliant, crisp imagery from the latest in thermal imaging technology gives you the ability to see more of your surroundings than ever before, even after dark. Enhance your ability to trail big game, protect your livestock from predators, or search for others in your hunting party from dusk to dawn.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

FLIR Indonesia is your reliable and trustworthy partner for providing best and perfect solutions to your needs. We welcome enquiries from Government and Commercial companies who may require local security support.