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Early Fire Detection

Fire can destroy multiple buildings or installations within an extremely short time frame. The value of the goods destroyed during a fire can be tremendous, and the cost of a life that is lost during a fire is impossible to calculate. With non-contact method of measuring temperatures, fire detection systems such as thermal imaging cameras can help you prevent fires by detecting hot spots before they ignite.

Fighting fires remotely with FLIR & fire suppression systems

Combining Flir thermal imaging technology with a unique, remote-controlled fire suppression system is helping to stop fires before they breakout in hazardoues areas, such as scrapyards, shredder facilities, and more

Fuel Storage

Fuel storage is notoriously hazardous because the commodity itself is so flammable. Corrosion, leaks, and human error can lead to explosive, sometimes catastrophic, consequences. Automatically monitoring temperature changes in fuel storage depots with fire detection systems not only averts disaster and satisfies insurer oversight, but also improves safety for your workers and the public.

FLIR A50/A70 Smart Sensor

Fixed-Mount Thermal Camera


Even though warehouses are equipped with fire alarms and firefighting systems, once a fire starts, asset damage is almost certain. FLIR thermal imaging heat detectors can identify hot spots before they ignite and provide an early warning response to avoid full-on conflagration before assets are harmed or safety is compromised.


Thermal Imaging Camera For Continuous Condition and Safety Monitoring

Combustible Piles

Storage of some material invites the risk of spontaneous combustion. As always, prevention is better than a cure. A thermal imaging camera can help to ensure safety and detect spontaneous combustion. Our heat detectors provide continuous, remote monitoring of temperatures in piles of coal, wood chips, fertilizers, and more.

FH-Series R

Multispectral Fixed Camera for Early Fire Detection

Waste Bunker Monitoring

Similar to combustible pile applications, waste is potentially flammable when stored. Self-combustion, heat development due to pressure, spontaneous chemical reactions between disposals, and methane gas-building are all potential fire hazards. Thermal imaging heat detectors can help prevent fires by identifying hot spots with the potential to flare up.

FLIR A50/A70 Image Streaming

Fixed-Mount Thermal Camera


Remote Fire Fighting

Detection of the hot spot is only part one of a fire prevention solution. Part two is remediation, and that can be challenging in remote monitoring scenarios. FLIR thermal imaging cameras and software can pinpoint hot spots and then initiate an automated fire-fighting response, such as turning on a sprinkler system, shutting down a system, or targeting the hot spot to be soaked in firefighting foam–all controlled remotely over the Internet.