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Professional Thermal Monocular

Built to equip law enforcement professionals with superior thermal surveillance, the FLIR Scion PTM packs high-performance thermal imaging into a rugged, IP67-rated handheld monocular. Capable of geotagged video recording and live video transmission, the Scion PTM can instantly stream encrypted thermal footage of any pursuit, evidence recovery, or search and rescue effort to the command center via wireless network. A smooth 60 Hz refresh rate and picture-in-picture zoom capture minute details from a distance and maintain peripheral awareness for constant thermal supervision of suspects, team members, and standbys.


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The FLIR Scion PTM is a rugged, handheld thermal monocular designed for law enforcement professionals. It combines high-performance thermal imaging with FLIR TruWITNESS® compatibility. Powered by the FLIR Boson® thermal core, the Scion PTM provides sharp, 60 Hz thermal imaging, capturing clear video even in complete darkness or challenging conditions. Geotagged video recording enhances evidence recovery, pursuit situations, and search and rescue efforts. The Scion PTM also offers live video transmission, instantly streaming encrypted thermal footage to the command center via a wireless network. This real-time communication significantly improves situational awareness. With its 60 Hz refresh rate, the Scion PTM captures minute details from a distance while maintaining peripheral awareness. Additionally, the picture-in-picture zoom feature allows users to focus on specific areas while still monitoring the overall scene. Built to withstand tough conditions, the Scion PTM is IP67-rated and rugged, ensuring reliability in the field.

  • LIVE ENCRYPTED VIDEO STREAMINGSecurely stream real-time thermal video to the command center via networked devices.
  • VERSATILE LENS OPTIONSAvailable long-range lenses for the Scion family of thermal monoculars offers a new level of clarity and reach.
  • SUPERIOR THERMAL DETECTIONSharp, 60 Hz thermal imaging powered by the breakthrough FLIR Boson® thermal core.