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Situational Understanding Mission Intelligent Technology.
The SUMIT360™ provides military armored vehicle operators with an innovative, 360 degree view of the environment around the vehicle utilizing advanced sensor technology to improve threat and obstacle detection that could pose a threat to ground forces, and their mission. Equipped with powerful multi-spectral sensors in each module, the system uses on-board processing to form seamless, stitched images to provide a full field of view in any terrain, and virtually any conditions, day or night. With additional target detection and identification capability, the system can also be paired with advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide vehicle crew, and transported troops a threat detection and classification to provide critical decision support before opening the hatch. The system also provides the ability to support remote or optionally manned configurations.

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Utilizes three LWIR and three EO cameras in each module to provide day/night multi-spectral imagery and generate 360 degree coverage around the combat vehicle.

Each camera module provides 140 degree coverage with 5 degrees overlap to create a seamless image composite, with less distortion than a single wide FOV lens.

System supports integrated machine learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as advanced image processing to improve object detection, tracking, and classification.