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FLIR Thermal Studio Suite

The FLIR Thermal Studio Suite helps users streamline their inspections, organize their data, and manage thousands of thermal images and videos—whether they’re working with a handheld thermal imaging camera, unmanned aircraft system (UAS), acoustic imaging camera, or optical gas imaging (OGI) camera. This subscription software offers the advanced processing features needed for predictive maintenance on critical components, system troubleshooting, and increased productivity.

Upgrade to Thermal Studio Pro to access FLIR Route Creator: a feature that lets users create their own inspection map and download it to a FLIR camera with Inspection Route enabled. The camera then directs the user through the inspection in a logical sequence and loads a reference image of each asset the thermographer can use to align new images with an initial baseline shot. This ensures accurate data collection that helps thermographers spot heating trends before they become critical problems.

Available in more than 20 languages, FLIR Thermal Studio software is key to producing professional thermal images and reports.

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Streamline your surveys from start to finish with FLIR Thermal Studio Suite


Build reports with more than 100 images quickly with fully customizable templates, overlays, and formulas.


Advanced tools such as Batch Processing and Magic Wand accelerate post-processing tasks.


Record and show your findings more clearly by analyzing, recording, segmenting, and editing thermal video.

Pre-plan Surveys with FLIR Thermal Studio Pro and Inspection Route

Simplify surveys by pre-planning the route using the optional FLIR Route Creator plugin for FLIR Thermal Studio Pro. This plugin allows you to create lists of the assets you need to inspect at each location, organized in the most efficient order. The Inspection Route option for your camera can guide you, step-by-step, through the survey while also auto-matching images, notes, and comments to the correct asset on your inspection list. By following the guided inspection points, you will reduce the chance of missing any assets—leading to unexpected faults and breakdowns.