FLIR USS Premium 2U Server

High Performance Scalable Server Optimized for United VMS Server and Storage Solutions

The FLIR Universal Systems Solutions (USS) Premium Server delivers the ideal balance of resources and affordability for your business, offering up to 160 TB of storage and a new level of performance for video surveillance applications of all types. The Premium server is ideal for businesses seeking a multipurpose rack server that offers excellent internal storage, redundancy and value in a compact chassis. Designed to address the requirements of IT environments, the unit comes loaded with system management capabilities, best-in-class processing performance and the ability to expand for future storage requirements.

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Optimized for top efficiency, the server can connect to multiple networks in parallel with up to 160 TB internal storage.

With a balanced set of resources, expandability, and affordability, the unit reduces installation time and overall Total Cost of Ownership.

Easy to expand and maintain, the USS Premium 2U Server is built for redundancy, reliability, and ease of use.