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Pan/Tilt System

Minimize the number of cameras needed to monitor your process with our Pan/Tilt system. Recommended for use with our ViperVenom camera enclosures, add a PTU to monitoring systems such as the Viper Predator, Fixed OGI Installations, or our Quick Deploy Monitoring Kits.

Have the advantage of full manual control with a joystick or via ViperVision software interface. Gain the ability to set an automated route with individual alarming and diagnostic parameters.

Quick info


  • ViperVision software has an auto-snap feature ensuring accurate measurement of intended ROI (region of interest).
  • It provides the option for using a variety of camera lenses with a narrower FOV (field of view) for more resolution of small targets.
  • Enjoy easy and cost-effective installation as Viper uses PoE – requiring less cable.
  • Both thermal and visual cameras can be mounted on the same Pan/Tilt system.
  • Compatible with ViperVenom series of camera enclosures